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I think we came here to learn, to be better. We do so when we leave this world better than we find it. My moral is to honor and protect life, that's why I always find motivation to develop my skills, to use them, and to teach those who came also to learn.



Blockchain Technology

Exchange of Cryptocurrencies, Software Development, Mining. End-to-end blockchain solutions provider. Our goal is to collaborate on the path to freedom, understanding that the fisrt known concept of freedom is financial freedom.

September 2015

Cheers Factory

Craft Brewery

Living the dream, making fantastic homebrew. Craft beer, wine, kombucha and others you may or you may not know about. If you want to be happy, just make icecream or alcohol.

June 2019

D-Blockchain Solutions

Remittances and Exchange

Send money from your home to your friends and family on any country or currency. We are trustworthy because we are a real friend.

January 2020


Juntos podemos

Once they told us that nothing would change, that all our efforts would be in vane, that we are just a drop in the ocean. So, what is an ocean but a multitude of drops?.

April 2017


Defensores del ambiente

The Venezuelan association of environmental defenders and climate watchers, we work to provide citizen tools that allow everyone to collaborate in the protection of the planet.

February 2018


The Food Of Gods

We are a group of entrepreneurs, we believe that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life. Thats all we need to be in love with this project.

In process


Virtual Private Network

This project is in stand by right now.



Web Page Developer, Logo Designer & Sales Man


I start working with my friend Stephan Giannantonio when I was 16 years old, and he teach me everything about design using Adobe. I sold publicity kits going on my bike around all the city of Caracas. It was my very first working experience.

2006 - 2008

Event Producer


Two friends invite me to work with them. The job consisted on taking care of parties, the assembly of playgrounds, amusement stations in general one of which was a children's train. It was very fun, I miss that time.

2008 - 2009

Veterinary Assistant


Back in that time, it was just a pet shop and pet clinic. The job consisted on taking care of dogs and cats, taking them to another clinics to more examns. Also, I did some night shifts and drove the transport unit (a van). I did learn a lot about veterinary .

2009 - 2011

Full Assistant

Alcudiaventura & AlcudiaJets

I found this job because I speak german & english. Maybe this is the job I have enjoyed the most. Is about being in the beach and have fun with the "giris" (that's how they call the tourist). I did everything, from moving rocks for the canal setup, sold tickets, put life buoy on the giris, and made the webpage.

February 2014 - July 2014

Waiter, Barman & Pool Manager

Hotel Astoria Playa

I leaved my country because I was affraid of jail, I was very active on the public demonstrations back in 2014. So, I had a vacation in Spain, and decide to stay. I had serveral jobs, but the one where I grow on experience treating the publick was in Hotel Astoria Playa, where I receive a lot of good feedback from the guests on trip advisor.

July 2014 - November 2014



This is a platform for online courses, easy to use. A nice feature is the coupon option to give discounts or give your course for free.




This is a platform for traders, is like a social network and it gives you all the tools you need to make a technical analysis on any asset.



U.E. Champagnat

Bachelor of Science
My personal believe is that the scholar system takes out our best years, teaching us nothing but repeat and follow orders without questioning. Above that, I had the privilege to go to one of the best schools in my country.
Highly recommend to read "MOMO" by Michael Ende.
Computer Science - Visual Basic & Technical drawing

Course average: 12/20 - GPA: 14/20

September 1997 - July 2008

Universidad Simón Bolivar

Computer Engineer
I had the idea of ​​creating a program where the streets of the city would be loaded, where people live and where they work so that we could predict traffic, health needs, education, etc., and thus make the best decisions.
Well, this university teach you programming Languages you will never use. More of our educational system.
Not finished
2008 - 2010


Automotive technician
When you are too curious, and want to learn about everything.
Well, the first things are the ones you like most.
Specialty in automotive electricity

Course average: 14/20 - GPA: 17/20

2009 - 2012

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Electrical Engineer
Well, I leave this one because of the demonstrations in Venezuela on 2014. When I came back from Spain I choose to go a private one, so the following demonstrations will not stop me from finish the grade.
Not finished
2011 - 2014

Tecnología Financiera

Corporate Finance Diplomat
The one and only diploma is important enough to mention.
Here I learn how to evaluate a company, how to decide if an idea worth pursuing.
September 2016 - March 2017

Universidad Metropolitana

Production Engineer
The best of the best! Not because nothing, but here the educational system is made to transform students into complete and successful people.
And, highly recommend to study Production Engineer, later you can do any master's degree.
Honorific Mention

GPA: 17/20

2015 - 2020


Personal skills
Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally & in spirit.
I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas to solve problems and run from scratch business, projects & marketing campaigns.

  • Exceptional communication and networking skills.
  • Successful working in a team environment, leading or following instructions, as well as independently.
  • The ability to work under pressure and multi-task, delivering quality results.

Professional skills
  • Production: Simulation · Industrial Design · Supply Management
  • Trading: Risk modeling · Optimal Structure Calculation · Valuation of Stocks & Companies
  • Marketing: Publicity management · SEO · Instagram · Web Development · 2D Design

Languages & Tools
  • Spanish, German, English. I also can read Russian.
  • HTML5, CCS, JS.
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.


Apart from working on my desk, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I enjoy playing soccer at least one time per week, and play squash once in a while. On plannified vacations I do mountain biking, kayaking, diving & more.

When forced indoors, like on the coronatime, I read a book, play video games, and follow the market actions.


  • Achieved more than $US 1M on 2017 in gross income by cryptocurrencies mining sales
  • Design and installation of rainwater collection system in rural farm on 2018
  • Helping to the Blockchain Technology adoption by teaching about it on